Mannahatta Maine Coons

Carla Maria Sullwold
12 Tamarack Drive, Brunswick, ME 04011
207-373-0470/telephone   207-373-0471/fax

Mannahatta Mourns
Gregory J. Sullwold
September 11, 1946-February 23, 2010

Previous Affiliations
Previously Licensed by the State of Maine as a Hobby Breeder

Veterinarian Inspected
CFA Cattery of Excellence (12 Years)
TICA Outstanding Cattery & Responsible Breeder Program (12 Years)
CFF AACE MCBFA Breeder Member

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ruffie @ 3yr

Mannahatta's New Mascot  Forever's Sea Lady Ruffian
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Celebrating a True Friendship
Greg & Rufus

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Raven & Shandy@1yr


has ceased Breeding Operations
as of September 2011

Page Two for information on Mannahatta breeding lines!

Click here for  Mannahatta's Outstanding Dams
Click here for news & photos of the extended Mannahatta Tribe (Litter # 1, 3, 5, 8, 11, & 13- Hopi & Sundance; Litter # 15, 20 - Hopi + Skrimshander ; Litter # 6 & 10- Stowe & Chief; Litter #  9 -Stowe + Skrimshander;  Litter # 2 & 7-Raven & Sundance; Litter # 4, 12, 14, 17, 23 - Raven & Skrimshander;  Litter # 16 - Acadia + Skrimshander;  
Litter #19, 24, 28 - Acadia & Moosebec;  Litter # 18, 22 - Harpswell & Moosebec; Litter # 29 - Harpswell + Skrimshander;  Litter; #  25  - Harpswell + Caribou; Litter # 27 - Saratoga + Caribou; Litter # 31 Saratoga + Moosebec  - Litter # 32, 34, 35 Acadia + Caribou -Litter 36 Chesuncook + Caribou - Litter # 30, 33 -  Ashani + Lakota + Skrimshander's Brood on
Page Three!

Kitty-Up Starbuck of Mannahatta

CFA CH, AACE CH, Grand Dam
Kitty-Up Hopi of Mannahatta


CFA CH Sunexotics of Mannahatta
CFA CH Mannahatta's Johnny Appleseed
CFF CHAlter Mannahatta's Johnny Appleseed
CFF CHAlter Mannahatta's Caribou

CFF UMCCA 2010-2011 5th Best Maine Coon Alter
CFF CHA Mannahatta's Johnny Appleseed

CFF 2010-2011 Parade of Perfection Winner
CFF CHAlter Mannahatta's Johnny Appleseed

See Show  & Latest News Below & Tribe Page 3

Our Name

In choosing a name for our original cattery, we took our inspiration from the great 19th century American poet Walt Whitman, who celebrated the isle of Manhattan by its Native American name. Not only did Mannahatta reference our first location in North Bergen, NJ, on the banks of the Hudson River directly opposite mid-town Manhattan, but it reflected the strong indigenous origins of the Maine Coon cat.  Together with our tribe of felines, we have relocated to a beautiful wodland setting in midcoast Maine.

Our Origins

We have always been owned by several felines, but as apartment dwellers we were not able to indulge our passion for furpersons as fully as we would have liked. We began as a close-knit family of two humans and two felines: Siegmund & Sieglinde, sibling rescues, who came to live with us in 1990. Then in 1996 we fell in love with the Maine Coon cat, and we were fortunate to acquire a strikingly beautiful black smoke with white boy, KittyUp Starbuck-of-Paumanok from Meryle & Richard Weiss's Long Island cattery. We altered him, as agreed, and with the Weisses' support and encouragement, we showed Starbuck to Grand Premiership in CFA, Supreme Grand Champion Alter- Regional Winner in TICA and Supreme Grand Champion-National Winner status in AACE..

In the summer of 1997 we moved to a lovely house in North Bergen,NJ, and with space and privacy, it was at last possible to expand out feline family. That expansion happened a little quicker and more accidentally than we imagined, for no sooner had we moved in than a black and white tuxedo girl delivered a litter of kittens in our backyard. The elements claimed all but one (Salome), whom, together with her Mom (Shalimar of Midnight aka Minuit), we rescued in December. In the meanwhile we had become impassioned cat fanciers, and we decided we wanted to breed our own Maine Coons.

Just before Christmas, CloisterCoon SunDance of Mannahatta,as we named him, was born in David Billingsley's Mannhattan cattery. A red classic tabby with excellent headtype, earset, boning, rich patterning, and that provocative feral look, we lost our hearts to him when he was four weeks old, and he came to live with us in March 1998. He was joined in July by two more of the Weisses' beautiful felines: five-month-old black smoke male, KittyUp Skrimshander of Mannahatta, a long, lean, engagingly feral kitten with a delicious sense of humor, and two-year-old silver patched female  KittyUp Hopi of Mannahatta, an elegant, sweet-expressioned, proven mother of two litters. Finally in November we selected a mysterious-looking black female from David Billingsley's cattery: Cloistercoon Raven of Mannahatta, whose wild, yet coyly feminine, expression, balletic grace and plush coat immediately enchanted us. Then in 1999 we added a stunning Black with White outcross Sarajen Mrs H.B.Stowe of Mannahatta from Teri Matzkin's cattery in Virginia. Our first litter from SunDance and Hopi was born on New Year's Day, 1999, and our second from SunDance and Raven arrived March 28 of the same year! The new millenium brought us the first of Raven and Skrimshander's babies.  Our new lines  had been launched, and we were delighted to keep four kittens of our own breeding: one from Hopi and SunDance, Mannahatta's Little Chief Paleface, a Cameo Classic (Red Silver) Tabby with his father's pattern and head type, his mother's provocative expression and luxurious coat, and a definite agenda of his own; two from Raven and Skrimshander, Mannahatta's Billingsgate, a big, huggable boy who is the perfect combination of his parents, and Mannahatta's Moosebec, a tintype of his Dad, and most recently, Mannahatta's Caribou, a stunning Red Classic Tabby who, along with his sister, Lady Shawnee and his brother, Lakota Red Sky,  preserves for us Hopi's legacy!

Meanwhile Skrimshander went on to become a preeminent sire, his progeny pervasive in pedigrees across north America and Europe.  Hopi and Raven became Grand Dams, and we began to add a few outcross females, beginnning with a beautiful, big-eared, long-muzzled little siren, who came to us from our friends, Karen & Rob Fleming of Quinsigamond Cats in Grafton, MA. Quinsigamond Acadia of Mannahatta,  followed by another girl from Dave Francis and David Gray's Croton Coons cattery, Croton Harpswell of Mannahatta, who returns to us both Sundance's and Stowe's lines.   Most recently, we welcomed home two more new girls, Smoochncoons Ashani of Mannahatta, who comes to us from our friend in Rhode Island, Nadine Gill, and is co-owned with Lynn Van Duyne, Lakota's "Mom,"  and
Carstutz Saratoga of Mannahatta, from our Canadian colleague, Will Carmichael.  Saratoga combines Acadia's lines with old Sundance-Hopi blood, returned to us via Carstutz and Wasychigan (Jim Atkinson) catteries.  Our newest additions are a beautiful black smoke boy, also from Will,  Carstutz Harraseeket of Mannahatta, a lovely girl from Laura Browne at Sunexotics in Alberta, granddaughter of Moosebec and Harpswell, Sunexotics Chesuncook of Mannahatta, and our own little boy from Acadia and Caribou,  Mannahatta's Johnny Appleseed!

Starting a cattery can be a daunting undertaking, but with the support of so many fellow cat fanciers, with the friendship and mentoring of Meryle and Richard Weiss and David Billingsley, and with the collaboration of colleagues like Rob & Karen Fleming, Dave Francis and David Gray, Teri Matzkin, Marci Nader, Jim Atkinson, Will Carmichael, Ruth Sogz,  Nadine Gill, Laura Browne, Peggy Vivinetto, Lynne Van Duyne, and the late Nora Klase, it has been a delightful adventure, and one I shall deeply miss, now that I have decided to discontinue the breeding operations.  I shall never forget the many wonderful times Greg and I shared raising the kittens, showing them, and forming so many new friendships.

Our Breed

America's native long-haired breed, the Maine Coon is a large, loving, and loveable feline. "The gentle giants" of the cat world, they are large, sturdy cats with rectangular bodies, heavy, shaggy coats in most colors, and plumy tails. Their growth continues through their first 5 years, and males can reach 15-20 or more pounds with females somewhat smaller. Friendly, funny and fun-loving, family-oriented, intelligent and affectionate, they make wonderful companions.

For more information about the breed, we recommend the following resources:

That Yankee Cat by Marilis Hornidge (See our boys on the back cover of the new revised edition!) (Tilbury House, Gardiner, ME)
Maine Coon Data Base
Maine Coon Breeders and Fanciers Association
Cat Fanciers Association (CFA)
The International Cat Association (TICA)

Our Family

Starbuck at 2 yearsKittyUp Starbuck-of-Paumanok
Pictured @ 2 years old

Black Smoke with White Neuter
Born January 13, 1996 - Crossed the Rainbow Bridge April 25, 2011
CFA Grand Premier
TICA Supreme Grand Champion Alter, Regional Winner 1999 & 2001
CFF Champion Alter
AACE Supreme Grand Champion Alter, National & Regional Winner 2001 & 2002
Sire: GCH KittyUp's Texas Ranger
Dam: CH KittyUp's Jesse James
Breeders: Meryle & Richard Weiss

SunDance at 2 years 5
                                          monthsCloisterCoon SunDance of Mannahatta
Pictured @ 2 years 5 months old

Red Classic Tabby Male
Born December 22, 1997- Crossed the Rainbow Bridge May 25, 2003
CFA Champion, TICA Champion, CFF Champion
AACE Grand Champion, National & Regional Winner 2001, 2002
Sire: GC(CFA & TICA) Salemcoon Sabbath of CloisterCoon
Dam: CH KittyUp The Abbess of CloisterCoon
Breeder: David Billingsley

Skrimshander at 1 year
                                          old KittyUp Skrimshander of Mannahatta
Pictured @ 1 year old - Retired from Stud October 2008

Black Smoke Male
Born February 19, 1998- Crossed the Rainbow Bridge May 30, 2009
CFA Champion, CFF Champion
TICA Supreme Grand Champion, Regional Winner 1999 & 2000
AACE Supreme Grand Champion, National & Regional Winner 2001, 2003, 2004, 2008

Sire: CH Kitty Up's Geronimo
Dam: KittyUp's Black Hills Gold
Breeders: Meryle & Richard Weiss

                                          @ 3.11 years old Mannahatta's Little Chief Paleface
Pictured @ 3.11 years old - Neutered January 2002

Cameo (Red Silver) Classic Tabby Male
Born: January 1, 1999
CFA Champion, TICA Champion, CFF Champion
AACE Supreme Grand Champion, National & Regional Winner 2001 & 2002

Sire: CH/CH CloisterCoon SunDance of Mannahatta
Dam: CH/CH KittyUp's Hopi of Mannahatta, GD
Breeders/Owners: Carla Maria & Gregory Süllwold

Billy @ 5 years oldMannahatta's Billingsgate
Pictured @ 5 years old - Neutered August 2005
Born January 6, 2000 - Crossed the Rainbow Bridge December 8, 2012
Black Smoke Male
CFA Champion
CFF Champion
TICA Quadruple Grand Champion, Regional Winner
AACE Supreme Grand Champion, National & Regional Winner 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

AACE Champion Alter
Sire: SGC, RW/CH/CH/SGC, NAW, RW KittyUp Skrimshander of Mannahatta
Dam: CH/GC, NAW, RW CloisterCoon Raven of Mannahatta, GD
Breeders/Owners: Carla Maria & Gregory Süllwold

Moosebec @ 4years oldMannahatta's Moosebec
Pictured @ 2.5 years old- Neutered August 2010

Black Smoke Male
Born June 9, 2003 - Crossed the Rainbow Bridge June 30, 2014

CFA Champion
AACE Supreme Grand Champion, National & Regional Winner 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
TICA Champion
CFF Champion, National Winner 2005
Sire: SGC, RW/CH/CH/SGC, NW, RW KittyUp Skrimshander of Mannahatta
Dam: CH/GC CloisterCoon Raven of Mannahatta, GD
Breeders/Owners: Carla Maria & Gregory Süllwold

caribou @ 10
                                                  months oldMannahatta's Caribou
Pictured 10 months old -
Neutered January 2011

Red Classic Tabby Male
Born December 31,2004- Crossed the Rainbow Bridge April 2, 2013
CFA Champion
AACE Quadruple Grand Champion, National & Regional Winner 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
CFF Champion & Champion Alter
Sire: SGC, RW/CH/CH/SGC, NAW, RW KittyUp Skrimshander of Mannahatta
Dam: CH/CH KittyUp Hopi of Mannahatta, GD
Breeders/Owners: Carla Maria & Gregory Süllwold

Carstutz Harraseeket of Mannahatta
Pictured 15 months old -
Neutered January 2011

Black Smoke Male
Born: March 21, 2008

CFA Champion

TICA Champion
AACE Grand Champion, National & Regional Winner 2010
CFF Champion
Sire: CH Wasychigan Merlin of Carstutz
Dam: CH Celticpride Corbett of Carstutz
Breeders:  William Carmichael & Frank Amstutz

johnny @
                                                          1 yr.
Mannahatta's Johnny Appleseed
Pictured 1 year old -
Neutered January 2011

Black with White Male
Born: January 28, 2010
CFA Champion
CFF Champion Alter

Sire: QGC, NAW, RW/CH/CH Mannahatta's Caribou
Dam: GC, NAW, RW Quinsigamond Acadia of Mannahatta
Breeders:  Carla Maria & Gregory S

Stowe @ 8
                                                        months old
Sarajen Mrs H.B. Stowe of Mannahatta

Pictured @ 8 months old

Black with White Female
Born May 22, 1999- Crossed the Rainbow Bridge March 21, 2002
CFA Champion
TICA Quadruple Grand Champion, Regional Winner
Sire: TICA SGC, RW & CFA GCH Sarajen Bookers Kentucky Straight
Dam: GCH (TICA & CFA) Beaupre(Wyldhaven) Larrabee of MtKittery
Breeder: Teri Matzkin

Harpswell @ 4 months oldCroton Harpswell of Mannahatta
Pictured @ 4 months old

Black with White Female
Born July 17, 2003 - Crossed the Rainbow Bridge July 20, 2010
CFA Champion
TICA Champion
AACE Supreme Grand Champion, National & Regional Winner 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009
Sire: TICA SGC, RW & CFA GCH Sarajen Stryker of Croton
Dam: Mannahatta's Sitarra of Croton
Breeders: Dave Francis & David Gray

Acadia @ 7 months
                                                          oldQuinsigamond Acadia of Mannahatta
Pictured @ 7 months old -
Spayed January 2011

Brown Classic Torbie with White Female
Born July 15, 2002- Crossed the Rainbow Bridge June 26, 2013

AACE Grand Champion, National & Regional Winner 2004
Sire: QGC, RW Sarajen Okemos of Quinsigamond
Dam: Beaverscove Joanna of Quinsigamond
Breeders: Karen & Rob Fleming

Raven at 11 months oldCloistercoon Raven of Mannahatta
Pictured @11 months old 
Spayed November 2006

Black Female
Born March 19, 1998- Crossed the Rainbow Bridge August  19, 2007
CFA Champion
AACE Grand Champion, National & Regional Winner 2004, Grand Dam
Sire: GC (CFA & TICA) Salemcoon Sabbath of Cloistercoon
Dam: CH Oakbear's Menorah of Cloistercoon
Breeder: David Billingsley

Ashani @ 1.5yrsSmoochncoons Ashani of Mannahatta/Mesabi
Pictured @ 1.5 years old

Brown Classic Tabby with White Female
Born: June 16, 2005
CFA Champion
AACE Grand Champion, National & Regional Winner 2007, 2008, 2009
Sire: GC (CFF) Cameowcoons Sir Brok of Smoochncoons
Dam: CH (CFF) Smoochncoons Lady Rose Shakee
Breeder: Nadine Gill  Co-Owner (2005-2008): Lynn Van Duyne
Ashani has been transferred to the full ownership of Mesabi cattery as of July 2008.

Saratoga at 9 months
                                                          oldCarstutz Saratoga of Mannahatta
Pictured @ 9 months old -
Spayed January 2011
Blue Patched Mackerel Tabby Female
Born: December 24, 2005
AACE Champion, National & Regional Winner 2007
Sire: CH (CFA, CCA) Wasychigan Merlin of Carstutz
Dam: CH (CFA, CCA) Mannahatta Brigantia of Carstutz
Breeder: William Carmichael & Frank Amstutz

Sunexotics Chesuncook of Mannahatta
Pictured @ 5 months old - Spayed August 2011

Black Female
Born: November 5, 2009
CFA Champion

Sire: Timaracoon Desperado of Sunexotics
Dam: Mannahatta's Wicca of Sunexotics
Breeder:  Laura Browne
Chessie is being leased to Maggie Lane cattery for co-breedings in 2011-2012.

Hopi at 9 years old KittyUp Hopi of Mannahatta
Pictured @ 9 years old - Spayed February 2005

Silver Patched Tabby Female
Born September 19, 1996 - Crossed the Rainbow Bridge August 2, 2012
AACE CH (Alter), Grand Dam
CFA Champion
Sire: GC(CFA) KittyUps' Texas Ranger
Dam: KittyUp's Calamity Jane
Breeders: Meryle & Richard Weiss

Our Breeding Programme

Blood Lines
We began our Mannahatta programme with six cats from the bloodlines listed below. With the passing of Stowe and SunDance we have entered our second generation and have begun to slowly add other cats, looking both for outcross possibilities, as well as the ability to preserve our original lines and look. Mannahatta cats can be found in the breeding programmes and pedigrees of Carstutz, Cloistercoon, Croton Coons, Earthmoss, KCKatz, Kellycat, Maggie Lane, Magikatz, Marylambs, Mesabi, PurrydeRoc, Phoenix,  Quinsigamond, Sarajen, SmoochNCoons,and Wasychigan catteries.

CloisterCoon SunDance of Mannahatta & Mannahatta's Little Chief Paleface:
Champion, Grand Champion, Supreme Grand Champion, International, National, and Regional Winners from KittyUp, CloisterCoon, Salemcoon, Maycoons, MtKittery, Adventhill, Willowplace, Angtini, McKittycreek, and Kanab Cattery lines.

KittyUp Skrimshander of Mannahatta, Mannahatta's Billingsgate, Mannahatta's Moosebec, & Mannahatta's Caribou: Grand Champion, Supreme Grand Champion, International, National, and Regional Winners from Kitty Up, Shubacoons, Masteast, McKittycreek, Bryhaven, Angtini, MtKittery,Kanab, Ailurophile,Mainiac, Willowplace, Emlu, Tati-Tan, Tanstaafl, Calicoon, Heidi Ho Cattery lines.

Carstutz Harraseeket of Mannahatta: Grand Champion, Supreme Grand Champion, International, National, and Regional Winners from Carstutz, Wasychigan,Koontucky, Islandcats, Hillside, KittyUp. Celticpride, Willowplace,Coonalley, Dorwill, Charmalot, Heidi Ho Cattery lines

Mannahatta's Johnny Appleseed: Grand Champion, Supreme Grand Champion, International, National, and Regional Winners from Grand Champion, Supreme Grand Champion, International, National, and Regional Winners from Kitty Up, Shubacoons, Masteast, McKittycreek, Bryhaven, Angtini, MtKittery,Kanab, Ailurophile,Mainiac, Willowplace, Emlu, Tati-Tan, Tanstaafl, Calicoon, Heidi Ho, Quinsigamond, Beaverscove Cattery lines.

Cloistercoon Raven of Mannahatta: Grand Champion, Supreme Grand Champion, International and Regional Winners from Cloistercoon, Salemcoon, Maycoons, MtKittery, Adventhill, Willowplace, Emlu, Calicoon, and Heidi Ho Cattery lines.

KittyUp Hopi of Mannahatta: Grand Champion, Supreme Grand Champion, International and Regional Winners from KittyUp, Berryhill,Ailurophile, Emlu, Mainiac, MtKittery, Willowplace, and Heidi-Ho Cattery lines.

Sarajen Mrs H.B. Stowe of Mannahatta: Grand Champion, Supreme Grand Champion, International and Regional Winners from Sarajen, MtKittery, Willowplace,Beaupre (Wyldhaven), Ailurophile, Angtini, Heidi Ho, Capecoon, Masteast, and Kanab Cattery lines.

Croton Harpswell of Mannahatta: Grand Champion, Supreme Grand Champion, International and Regional Winners from Croton, Sarajen, MtKittery, Willowplace,Beaupre (Wyldhaven), Ailurophile, Angtini, Heidi Ho, Capecoon, Masteast, Kanab Cattery, Cloistercoon, Salemcoon, Maycoons, KittyUp, MtKittery, Adventhill, Willowplace, Calicoon, Cooncreole, and Heidi Ho lines.

Quinsigamond Acadia of Mannahatta: Grand Champion, Supreme Grand Champion, International and Regional Winners from Quinsigamond, Sarajen, Beaverscove, Valleycats, Jollymoggy, Avicats, Ailurophile, McKittycreek, Angtini, Willowplace, Ruffntufts, MtKittery lines.

Smoochncoons Ashani of Mannahatta (now of Mesabi): Grand Champion, Supreme Grand Champion, International and Regional Winners from Smoochncoons, Cameowcoons, Amtails, Coonalley, Pawstuctaway, Syracoon, and Lakecountry lines.

Carstutz Saratoga of Mannahatta: Grand Champion, Supreme Grand Champion, International and Regional Winners from Mannahatta, KittyUp, Quinisgamond, Beaverscove, Sarajen, Coonyham, Wasychigan, Koontucky, Kellycat, Hillside, Dreamaines, Cloistercoon, Salemcoon, lines.

Sunexotics Chesuncook of Mannahatta: Grand Champion, Supreme Grand Champion, International and Regional Winners from Mannahatta, KittyUp, Cloistercoon, Sarajen, Croton, Langstteich, American Beauty, Capecoon,Willowplace Cattery lines.

Pedigrees for our breedingcats can be found on The Maine Coon Data Base

Our  Objectives (
when we were breeding)
t is now fifteen years since we first began our breeding programme, and we are proud of our thirty-seven (to-date) healthy, happy, beautifully representative litters! We are proud of having bred wisely and well, limiting our numbers and proceeding judiciously--building slowly toward a distinctive Mannahatta line of which we can be proud. That line, we hope, will reflects the feral looks, long-lean boning, massive size, excellent coat, color, and pattern of our cats.

All our cats and kittens have tested negative for FeLV, FIP, and FIV.   We have worked closely with our trusted veterinarians, not only in ilnesses, but also to implement a program of wellcare, which includes regular examinations, vaccinations, as well as additional diagnostics as needed.   We have been proud of our high standards of nutrition, grooming, and of maintaining a sanitary, healthful, and cat-friendly home for our "kitty-kids."  Since we believe that the health of a line or its individual cats can only truly be ascertained by monitoring a cat from youth to old age, we continue to maintain contact with all our extended tribe, serving as a resource and a friend.

For the most part, we maintained a closed cattery though we have trusted a few select friends with stud service or sold them breeding cats, joining the lines of CloisterCoon, Sarajen, Calimar, Marylambs, Magikatz, SmoochNcoons, Maggie Lane, Mesabi, Sunexotics, Wasychigan, Carstutz, PurrydeRoc, Chemmal, and la Beaute de Maine.

Ethics and Guarantees
We are a small cattery in which each cat is a family member, and every kitten was lovingly nurtured and raised underfoot. We are committed to:
  • lavishing love on all our felines, treating each one as a special individual, and providing them with first-rate veterinary care;
  • maintaining every one of our cats in top show condition whether they are actually in the ring or retired;
  • breeding kittens for good health, temperament, socialization, and type, and providing written health guarantees with all our kittens;
  • placing our kittens in loving, stable, safe homes with responsible owners, and endeavoring to match "catsonalities" with personalities and follow up on kitten adjustment;
  • serving as a continuing resource and support for families in which we've placed kittens.

Our Show News

Kitty Up Starbuck
is our veteran show cat who competed for five triumpant seasons, earning a long list of titles and honors, among themCFA GRAND PREMIER, TICA SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION ALTER and REGIONAL WINNER 1999 , TICA SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION ALTER  and NATIONAL & REGIONAL WINNER 1999, 2001, as well as CFF CHAMPION and PARADE of PERFECTION COLOR WINNER, and AACE SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION,NATIONAL AND REGIONAL WINNER 2001, 2002. In the past seasons he has competed in 65 shows and 617 rings, winning 28 BEST ALTERs and 119 other finals. He was Best of Breed 162 times, 2nd Best of Breed 100 times, Best of Division 506 times, 2nd Best of Division 75 times, 3rd Best of Division 16 times, and Best of Color 616 times! On one occasion he was THIRD BEST IN SHOW and on two others BEST IN SHOW! Like all true divos, he now makes an occasional "guest appearance" on the show circuit, including a visit to the Cheshire Cat Show in November 2003, where he won BEST SENIOR ALLBREED and LONGHAIR CAT in SHOW!   Hi presence in the ring was unique, a combination of simple dignity and hauteur.  he disdained those silly toys, but demanded admiration and dignified handling.  He was not above reminding one judge who did not meet those standards by removing the judge's spectacles as they returned to the cage.  After taking breed or finaling, he loved being carried back ohis dad's shoulders, radames returning triumpantly from the wars!  The first of Mannahatta's spectacular smokes, he has made a lasting contribution to the recognition of this color class of Maines!

CloisterCoon SunDance of Mannahatta
became a CFA CHAMPION and a TICA CHAMPION in 1998, a CFF CHAMPION in 1999, and an AACE GRAND CHAMPION in 2000, winning two BEST CATs. He was honored as a NATIONAL & REGIONAL WINNER in AACE .  Among his other accolades were TICA's Mid Atlantic Region's BEST RED CLASSIC TABBY 1999 and (after only a few shows) SECOND BEST RED CLASSIC TABBY 2000, as well as Best Tabby Division Maine Coon Cat and 4th Best Cat at TICA's Penn-Jersey Cat Club Show in August 1999 and BEST CAT in AACE in May 2000, when the judge lauded his "beautifully sculpted head, fantastic ear-set, and muscular body"! His show career, sadly cut short, encompassed 46 shows and 450 rings with 20 finals; he was Best of Breed 8 times, Second Best of Breed 10 times, and Third Best of Breed 5 times; taking 69 Best, 31 Second Best, and 33 Third Best of Division; as well as 190 Best, 205 Second Best, and 53 Third Best of Color.

                                                          SkrimshanderKittyUp Skrimshander of Mannahatta,  t
he quintessential showman, has awed judges and spectators alike for ten seasons and was still going strong at the time of his death, having won six national or regional titles in those years, the latest at age 10!  He was a CFA CHAMPION, a TICA SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION & REGIONAL WINNER in 1999, 2000, as well as an International Color Winner for both years, a CFF CHAMPION as well as CFF PARADE OF PERFECTION COLOR WINNER 1999, and an AACE SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION, NATIONAL and REGIONAL WINNER 2001 (2nd Best National Cat), 2003, 2004.    In AACE he enjoyed many Bests:  THIRD BEST IN SHOW in East Hartford, CT, on August 6, 2000; BEST CAT IN SHOW at the AACE Cat Olympics on September 19, 2000, winning two gold medals and one silver. He won in that organization nine BEST CATs  and was complimented by judges on his "feral look, long, lean, muscular body with proud head, perfect smoke color and luxurious coat, and delightful show temperament."  After a sabbatical he was again back in the ring, impressing judges and spectators alike with his prime condition! He was much admired at two recent CFF shows, where exhibitors were able to appreciate him as a cat who figures in so many pedigrees, and he earned a color win as SECOND BEST BLACK SMOKE MAINE COON 2005.   At  ten years old, he still enjoyed an outing to the ring where he would often beat some of the younger boys. In January 2007 he won a BEST CAT over stiff competition and gained his fourth AACE NATIONAL and REGIONAL WINNER title in March 2008,(8th Best National Cat, 6th Best Regional Cat, Best of Color)!!   His show style always combined regal charisma with bowish clowning, mesmerizing his audience and holding them captive!  He will be long remembered and deeply missed.

Mannahatta's Little Chief Paleface
became a TICA CHAMPION, CFA CHAMPION, and CFF CHAMPION in 1999. He went on to earn his AACE SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION .   In December 2000, winning three BEST CATs in that organization. At the September AACE Cat Olympics, he took two silver medals. On the most recent win the Judge saluted him for "in my opinion, having it all-beautiful, strong muzzle, big boning, gorgeous color and coat"! He closed his season in AACE by finaling in eight out of eight rings and became an AACE NATIONAL & REGIONAL WINNER, and won a second National Award the following year after only two shows!

RW Billy Mannahatta's Billingsgate
began his show career in the summer of 2000 in AACE by winning a BEST KITTEN at the age of four months and he concluded it again in AACE with another BEST KITTEN in his last ring; in between that time he earned a total of six additional BEST KITTENs plus numerous other finals, including the honor of finishing THIRD BEST KITTEN IN SHOW at the 2000 Yankee Pride Club event! At the AACE Annual he was named a NATIONAL and REGIONAL WINNER (2nd Best Kitten, Best of Breed, and Best of Color).   As an adult he earned four more National and Regional AACE titles , once as2nd and once as 3rd Best National Cat, in very close competition.  Billy also excelled in other associations.  He was a CFA and CFF CHAMPION, a TICA QUADRUPLE GRAND CHAMPION, REGIONAL WINNNER, and INTERNATIONAL COLOR WINNER.  After being altered he returned to AACE to champion once again.

                                                          Moosebec Mannahatta's Moosebec
continues the tradition of magnificent smokes begun by Starbuck, Billingsgate, and his father Skrimshander.  Liek them, a natural showman, he had an impressive kitten career before beginning his championship quests.   In February 2004, he became a CFA CHAMPION at the Norwegian Forest Cat Club Show in Hamilton, NJ, where he also took a Second Best of Breed as an Open and was highly praised by several judges! He followed that with his TICA CHAMPIONship on March 20, 2004, his CFF CHAMPIONship
 on September 18.  Following in his father, brother, and uncles' footsteps, he earned his AACE SUPREME GRAND CHAMPIONship on July 8, 2006! He received his first AACE NATIONAL & REGIONAL WINNER designations in March 2005, (3rd Best National & Regional Kitten, 4th Best National & Regional Cat, Best of Breed & Color);  his second in March 2006 (5th Best National & 4th Best Regional Cat, Best of Breed & Color); and his third in March 2007 ( 16th Best National Cat, 12th Best Regional Cat, 2nd Best of Breed Maine Coon Cat, & Best of Color Maine Coon Cat), his fourth in March 2008 (9th Best National Cat, 7th Best Regional Cat, 2nd Best of Color), and a fifth Regional Win in 2009 as 15th Best Cat.   He was also named TICA SECOND BEST BLACK SMOKE MAINE COON OF THE YEAR (2005).  He distinguished himself at both the United Maine Coon Cat Association shows in Bath, Maine, among stunning competition. For his work in CFF, he earned the title of 2005 NATIONAL WINNER (19th Best Cat), and in 2006 was CFF Best Black Smoke Maine Coon.

harpersgc Croton Harpswell of Mannahatta is a girl who can compete with the boys.  As a kitten, she made an impression on both TICA and AACE, where she was BEST of the BEST KITTEN at her last show.   She began her adult career at Nauticats's Maine show, becoming a TICA CHAMPION on March 21, 2004, a CFA CHAMPION on April 25, 2004, and an AACE GRAND CHAMPION.   In May 2005! She returned to AACE after her first baby break to sweep five finals, including a Best Cat; won her AACE DOUBLE GRAND CHAMPION on April 9, 2005, having been honored the month before as an AACE NATIONAL & REGIONAL WINNER in March 2005, (5th Best National & Regional Kitten, 2nd Best of Breed, Best of Color, 16th Best Regional Cat.)  She received her second AACE NATIONAL & REGIONAL WINNER award in March 2006, (16th Best National & 18th Best Regional Cat, 2nd Best of Breed, Best of Color), and her third in March 2008 ( 5th Best National Cat, 4th Best Regional Cat, 2nd Best of Breed, Best of Color).   She was also TICA's REGIONAL SECOND BEST BLACK-WHITE MAINE COON (2004).  Returning from another baby break, she beat all the boys at AACE's Cheshire Cat Club's last show in November 2007, winning BEST LONGHAIR CAT in SHOW , swept the next show as well, and on December 9, 2007, became that rare phenomenon:  a female Maine Coon SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION !   IN March 2009, she was named 4th Best AACE NATIONAL and REGIONAL CAT, Best of Breed Maine Coon.  Sporting her tuxedo and tie, she asserts to the boys:  "Anything you can do, I can do better!"

Caribou @
                                                          4yr Mannahatta's Caribou
made his AACE kitten debut on May 6, 2005, where, in competition with older babies, he took a BEST Allbreed KITTEN and another Allbreed final. Judges loved his boning, head type, color, and personality! At his last kitten show, he made seven out of eight finals, including another BEST KITTEN! He graduated into the adult class by becoming an AACE CHAMPION on September 18, 2005,  a CFF CHAMPION on October 15, 2005, and a CFA CHAMPION on December 18, 2005, and he became an AACE QUADRUPLE GRAND CHAMPION on January 14, 2007.  He also earned his first AACE NATIONAL & REGIONAL WINNER designation for March 2006, (11th Best National & 10th Best regional Kitten, 2nd Best of Breed, Best of Color); his second in March 2007  (6th Best National Cat, 5th Best Regional Cat, Best of Breed & Color Maine Coon Cat), and his third March 2008 (2nd Best National Cat, Best Regional Cat, Best of Breed, Best of Color).  This gives him the distinction of  being the first Mannahatta cat to earn a year-end BEST award!  After only a few shows in the next season, he earned his fourth AACE NATIONAL & REGIONAL WINNER awards (12th Best National Cat; 11th Best Regional Cat). He made a guest appearance at CFF's UMCCA show and earned his CHA(alter) title at seven years old!

ashani @ 5 mo
Smoochncoons Ashani of Mannahatta made her AACE kitten debut in the last show of the 2005 season, finaling in every ring and earning one BEST KITTEN!  She became an AACE CHAMPION on March 4, 2006, and a CFA CHAMPION on May 28, 2006!  She won her AACE GRAND CHAMPIONship on November 4, 2006.
In March 2007 she was named AACE NATIONAL & REGIONAL WINNER (18th Best National Kitten, 15th Best Regional Kitten, 13th Best Regional Cat, 3rd Best of Breed Maine Coon Kitten, 2nd Best of Color Maine Coon Kitten, Best of Color Regional Cat), and earned two more AACE REGIONAL WINNER titles in 2008 and 2009.

sara@ 9mo
Carstutz Saratoga of Mannahatta
made her kitten debut in AACE in May 2006, finaling in seven rings, earning six BEST KITTENs!  At her second show, she continued to  final in every ring, adding another BEST!  She also debuted in TICA, achieving one breed win.  She earned her  AACE CHAMPIONship on October 21, 2006, and became an AACE NATIONAL & REGIONAL WINNER in March 2007 (5th Best National Kitten, 3rd Best Regional Kitten, Best of Breed & Color Maine Coon Kitten)!

harry@15moCarstutz Harraseeket of Mannahatta made his show debut at AACE's Port Jervis show on September 14, 2008, winning 5 BEST KITTENs  and made a fine showing at TICA's Amerikats.  At his first adult show in Westchester,  he became a TICA CHAMPION  on November 23, 2008,  a CFA CHAMPION on December 27, 2008, and an  AACE CHAMPION on January 10, 2009, and an  AACE GRAND CHAMPION on July 25, 2009!  On October 17, 2009, he did his first CFF show, becoming a CFF CHAMPION and taking several finals and being highly praised for his boning, muscularture, and excellent head.  He will continue with  CFA, CFF, and TICA later this  season.  Off to a spectacular start, we have high hopes for this beautiful, typey boy!  He is an AACE National and Regional Winner for 2008-2009 (10th Best National Cat, 8th best regional Cat, Best of Breed and Color)!

Mannahatta's Johnny Appleseed  became a CFA Champion on November 21, 2010 in Fitchberg, MA!  He also became a CFF Champion Alter on February 19, 2011, in Concord, NH, and went on to final six times! He was named CFF's Best Black/White Alter for 2010-2011 and CFF/UMCCA's 5th Best Maine Coon Alter for the season!  In the October CFF UMCCA show, Johnny finaled four times and is working toward his Grand.  He was again named CFF Best Black/White Alter for 2011-2012 season.

chessie@5moSunexotics Chesuncook of Mannahatta  joined Johnny at the Royal Plumes Show on November 21, 2010, and became a CFA Champion.  She will show in CFF as an Alter.

Sarajen Mrs H.B. Stowe of Mannahatta
finished her first season (1999-2000) as a TICA QUADRUPLE GRAND CHAMPION, REGIONAL WINNER, and INTERNATIONAL COLOR WINNER! Her tragically short show career was nevertheless meteoric, especially for a girl: 12 shows, 82 rings; 9 finals; 6 Best and 4 Third Best of Breed; 41 Best, 34 Second Best, and 25 Third Best of Division; and 43 Best and 15 Second Best of Color.

Her daughter,
Mannahatta's Annabel Mashpee Lee, owned by Mary Rafferty, became a CFA CHAMPION and an AACE CHAMPION and 2002 REGIONAL WINNERStowe's son, Mannahatta Bohdan, owned by Joanne Crosby,  had a bried but brilliant career in both TICA and AACE.  He  became an AACE  GRAND CHAMPION, NATIONAL WINNER and REGIONAL WINNER 2003. At his first adult TICA show he became a CHAMPION, earning a BEST CAT in allbreed competition!

CloisterCoon Raven of Mannahatta,
a CFA CHAMPION in her first year,  returned to the show ring after a three and one-half year hiatus to become an AACE CHAMPION on October 19,2002, and after another "baby break," she returned to become a GRAND CHAMPION on November 1, 2003! At the 2004 AACE Annual, she was named a NATIONAL and REGIONAL WINNER.

Quinsigamond Acadia of Mannahatta,
made a hit in both TICA and AACE, where she finished her AACE Kitten career as THIRD BEST KITTEN in show! As an adult she quickly became an AACE GRAND CHAMPION in only three shows! She became an AACE NATIONAL and REGIONAL WINNER for the 2003-2004 season, (2nd Best National and regional Kitten, Best of Breed and Color, 11th Best Regional Cat, Best of Color.

Over the years other members of Mannahatta's extended tribe have made us proud in the show hall:  (Their accomplishments are listed in their biographies on page 3):  Mannahatta's Jasper Bombay, Mannahatta's MungoJerry of Collier,  Mannahatta's Sultan of KC Katz, Mannahatta's Mardigras of KellycatsMannahatta's Snoqualmie Mannahatta Talulah of Quinsigamond, Sarajen's JaegermeisterCalimar Lamas Night of BlueblazeMannahatta Flufernuter of SalemcoonMannahatta's Ophelia of Earthmoss Mannahatta's Wesson of Wasychighan,  Mannahatta's Whipper of WasychighanMannahatta's Thomas Mannahatta Pocasset of QuinsigamondMannahatta's Carbon Copy, Mannahatta Mr. Mischief of Sandkats Mannahatta's Remmington Cauzin'  HavocMannahatta's Lakota red Sky, Mannahatta's Nichemis, Mannahatta's Ivana, Mannahatta's Maxator Midnight, Mannahatta's Brigantia of Carstutz, Mannahatta's Kerkselin of PurrydeRocMannahatta's Skrimshaw, Mannahatta's Brave Thunder,  Mannahatta's Sheikra of SmoochNcoons, Mannahatta's Hendrix Shilo Zohar, Mannahatta's Absaroka of Mesabi,
Mannahatta's Nescopek of Mesabi, Mannahatta's Mr. Darcy,  and Mannahatta's Dazzle Me of Maggie Lane.

Our Latest News

We are very proud of our AACE 2010 (2008-2009 Season) NATIONAL & REGIONAL WINNERS announced March 6th at the Annual Awards Gala. (see above Show News) Harraseeket and Nescopek were honored.

                                                          at His
Johnny Appleseed, Caribou, and Chesuncook will continue to show  in  CFF in 2011.

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